090109 - 090110

Its been a year since I met her again after a long pause of three years
it was a long time. but hey Im glad everything turned out this way
who wouldve thought. me and her? together?
I know Ive been keeping this tiny little feeling of hope
in me. wishing somehow that maybe I can be with her someday.
but it never came to me that it will happen someday :)

Im grateful to god. Im thankful
Im glad. that whichever path He layed down for me
whichever road I took.
Led me to you

I know I can be complicated
I can be frustrating, I can be unreasonable,
I can be stubborn. A year it has and you've seen the bad and good of me
I'm sorry dear for ever hurting you
I'm sorry dear for ever making you worry
I'm sorry dear for making you cry
I'm sorry for everything wrong I've done to you
I'm flawed in every single way
I'm careless
I am truly sorry dear

I know one thing's for sure
hurting you, was never my target
disappointing you was never my aim
and definitely pushing you away was never in my mind
I want you every day
I need you every single second
I miss you even when you're right in front of me
because I know at the end of the day
I have to say goodbye
but all of that makes me longing for you more

happy one year anniversary
Im looking forward for what this year and
coming year has to offer :)
wishing us the best
I hope that time will make us even more
stronger, caring, appreciate, trusting,
and loving towards each other

I love you
and I hope you'll love me too
through thick and thin :)


devilicious said...

so sweet~ thnks drling :) flmboyant~~~ hehehe :p

kure2 bersinar said...


haa kn da kua emoticon :p
syg darling b byk2 :)
I ♥ you darling :)

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