a great gift one could ever have

youve given me so much dear
youve always managed to surprise me
thank you dear for that lovely picture
for capturing all the essence that is me
I dont know how to thank you enough
but the least I can do to show you my appreciation
is by letting the world (or is it just you and me) know
how wonderful of a person you are
through this blog (yg jarang skali di update)

and regarding to the tajuk of this post
the gift I mentioned was not this drawing
the gift is you dear :)
god gave me the best gift of my life
He gave me the chance...
to be with you
to know you
to share with you
to love you
youre the greatest gift I could ever have
youre the greatest person in my life

and I thank you
and Im sorry
for all the..
Ive ever caused you
Im really sorry

I love you
I miss you
and I need you dear

forgive me..


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