fr Garlic 2 :D

1. Adakah anda rasa HOT?
== sgt! ikut rnking plg bnyk dosa (1) tronoh (2) ptrajaya. tgk aje gmba fotosut kami suma mta sepet tbley bkak.

2. Upload wallpaper pc/laptop yang anda guna sekarang!

== rfer to prvious post 

3. Cerita pasal gambar.

== ans as above 

4. Bila kali terakhir makan pizza?

== nxt week. tggu jmpa garlic amek bwk pizza. nk pow! :-D

5. Lagu terakhir anda dengar?

== haa...drama king kot? haha practice session :P

6. Apa anda buat selain menyelesaikan tag ini?

== bersin xbrenti2

7. Selain nama sendiri, anda di panggil nama apa?

== putera charming...hahaha XD

8. Tag lagi 8 orang

== (1) garlic (2) garlic (3) garlic (4) garlic (5) garlic (6) garlic
    (7) garlic (8) garlic

9. Siapakah orang no.1 kepada anda?

== my wife in training 
== seriously? she's everything to me :)

10. Katakan sesuatu kepada orang no.5
== 1 mre tme awk kta bf awk boroi, sy yg akn trase k. hahaha. sbb he is so taf kot!
== ok2 serius k! syg :) please stay with me forever dear :) I promise you that Ill be the best for you

11. No.3 ada hubungan dengan siapa?

== dgn mamat tgn besa perut mantap! 
== refer soklan 9

12.Bagaimana pula dengan no.4

== uih. hahaha. l knw she knws  syg awk  
== buah hati ini :D

13. pesanan kepada orang no.6
== jaga gnger baik2 naaa 
== thank you dear for ever being the greatest person to me :)

14. kata2 cinta untuk orang no.2
== hehe srh kamal sudaaa  alice! :-D g ngn b je la 
== I love you sweetheart :) everything about you :)

15. Adakah no7. dan no.8 ada persamaan?
== pelanduk dua serupa! mmg tade beza! klon ke?? hahaha :))

16. Berikan 5 yang anda tau tentang orang yang mengetag anda *l cn gve you 11!*
== (1) gf gnger (2) lawa :D (3) mta brown (same la kite) ;) (4) x pkai contacts kaler (not yet) (5) rmbut mwangi :D (6) most of the tme, lll comment on anything she blogs  ini tugas sorg suami (in training) (7) mke menenangkn ntuk diri ini, she is act vry sweet, sgt prtctive psl gnger (8) ske posng (recently discovered hobby) (9) sng mke plans wth, ajk pg gnting on aje and fnally, (10) ASTAGA (11) b bkn mls dear hahaha XD
(1) a very great person (2) very loving (3) very understanding (4) have so many things to tell :) (not a bad thing taw dear) (5) colour oriented (6) will be a good wife :D (7) loves blogging :) (8) loves shopping (who doesnt?) (9) rajin sgt and have a strong will (10) a great ****** (11) dedicated :)

fr Garlic :)

so ini my wallie
Garlic xcaye my wallie standard windows7 je

so soklan ke-2
knapa suke wallie ni? hehe
- wallie ni standard so mmg xda nilai2 estetika di situ haha :p
- tp klu sedar la. gmbar administrator tu gmba Garlic :D log in komp je nmpk Garlic :D hye Garlic :D

soklan ever lasting
tag makhluk alam
- Garlic :p


haa cane nk gi? ni dr ukm la tapi :p
sbb kamal pakar jln dr ukm!
dari entrance ukm to be spesific! hehehe :))

today is a gift. its a present

today as is now.
its a gift. a present.
thats why its called present
know this

whatever happened in the past
theyre not important to me
Ive made mistakes
Ive chosen the wrong route

but today
not anymore
I know where Im heading
I know what I want

you dear yes you
I love you
and youre the most important person to me
youre my gift
youre my present
I cherish every moment with you
and I really do need you

a great gift one could ever have

youve given me so much dear
youve always managed to surprise me
thank you dear for that lovely picture
for capturing all the essence that is me
I dont know how to thank you enough
but the least I can do to show you my appreciation
is by letting the world (or is it just you and me) know
how wonderful of a person you are
through this blog (yg jarang skali di update)

and regarding to the tajuk of this post
the gift I mentioned was not this drawing
the gift is you dear :)
god gave me the best gift of my life
He gave me the chance...
to be with you
to know you
to share with you
to love you
youre the greatest gift I could ever have
youre the greatest person in my life

and I thank you
and Im sorry
for all the..
Ive ever caused you
Im really sorry

I love you
I miss you
and I need you dear

forgive me..

090109 - 090110

Its been a year since I met her again after a long pause of three years
it was a long time. but hey Im glad everything turned out this way
who wouldve thought. me and her? together?
I know Ive been keeping this tiny little feeling of hope
in me. wishing somehow that maybe I can be with her someday.
but it never came to me that it will happen someday :)

Im grateful to god. Im thankful
Im glad. that whichever path He layed down for me
whichever road I took.
Led me to you

I know I can be complicated
I can be frustrating, I can be unreasonable,
I can be stubborn. A year it has and you've seen the bad and good of me
I'm sorry dear for ever hurting you
I'm sorry dear for ever making you worry
I'm sorry dear for making you cry
I'm sorry for everything wrong I've done to you
I'm flawed in every single way
I'm careless
I am truly sorry dear

I know one thing's for sure
hurting you, was never my target
disappointing you was never my aim
and definitely pushing you away was never in my mind
I want you every day
I need you every single second
I miss you even when you're right in front of me
because I know at the end of the day
I have to say goodbye
but all of that makes me longing for you more

happy one year anniversary
Im looking forward for what this year and
coming year has to offer :)
wishing us the best
I hope that time will make us even more
stronger, caring, appreciate, trusting,
and loving towards each other

I love you
and I hope you'll love me too
through thick and thin :)